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Wednesday, September 2, 2009 - 12:04pm

State's Top Judges To Furlough

You can add Georgia Supreme Court justices to the list of state employees furloughed this year.

They’ve volunteered to join the rest of the court’s staff and take off three unpaid days.

Georgia’s Supreme Court justices don’t have to furlough along with the other court staff because the Georgia Constitution prohibits the state from lowering judge’s salaries. So the seven justices of their own accord are taking one for the team, says a spokesperson for the court.

Their math shows if the higher-paid justices furloughed, it would spare other court employees from having to take a fourth day.

Governor Sonny Perdue ordered state workers to take three mandatory furlough days earlier this summer.

In light of plummeting revenues last month, he told state agencies to cut an additional five percent from their budgets.

To fill that order, the state Supreme Court will also close its judicial library and cut two staff positions, among other measures.

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