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Tuesday, September 1, 2009 - 12:35pm

Ga. Only State With Teacher Furloughs

As public school systems around the country struggle to deal with massive budget deficits, Georgia is, so far, the only state to implement statewide furloughs for educators.

Governor Perdue asked teachers to take three furlough days this school year in order to save Georgia $135 million. Most school systems have cut teacher planning days.

Lou Svehla of the Richmond County Board of Education says that could hurt students.

"While it’s not directly affecting those students in the classroom maybe immediately there are certainly some effects on the student at some point because if the teachers can’t collaborate, work together and get the training they need that could potentially suffer down the road," Lou Svehla said.

Furloughs are taking place in individual school systems across the country and some states are considering following Georgia’s lead and imposing them on a statewide level.

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