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Monday, July 27, 2009 - 1:00pm

Green Law Takes Fight to Supreme Court

Opponents of a proposed coal fired power plant in Southwest Georgia’s Early County have filed an appeal with the Georgia Supreme Court.

Environmentalists want the court to overturn a previous ruling on what permits the coal plant will need to begin operating.

The question environmentalists want the state high court to answer, is whether the coal plant would need to obtain permits to emit carbon dioxide, says Justine Thompson. The Green Law attorney says the carbon dioxide emitted from the proposed plant will contribute to global warming, and therefore, requires permits.

“There's also the millions of tons of pollutants that will be emitted into Georgia's air if this plant is permitted to be built.”

The appeals court disagreed, siding with LS Power, in ruling carbon dioxide permits were not needed. The company says they have followed federal and state environmental law and have obtained the necessary permits. The Georgia Supreme Court will now decide whether to hear the case.