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Wednesday, June 24, 2009 - 4:53am

Georgia Trauma Commission Continues Work

The state’s trauma commission is still looking for ways to fund and improve Georgia’s trauma system. The group convened for another meeting Thursday.

Continuing to top the commission’s monthly agenda--trying to sustain a trauma system in dire need to support. The $23-million provided by the Legislature is less than half the amount given last year. It will be funded through fines collected from the new ‘super speeder’ law, going into effect July 1st.

But now, the early seeds of actually trying to build a network are being planted. A sliver of money is in-place for the early foundation of transfer centers. Commission member and vice president of trauma and emergency services for Children’s HealthCare of Atlanta, Linda Cole, says the centers would help reduce the system’s so-called ‘sea of chaos’:

"We do have excellent trauma care centers...we’ve got some very good EMS, but there’s very little infrastructure to bring them together. The transfer center is the first piece of bringing all those islands of excellence into a system."

Cole says the Commission is working with Georgia emergency management officials to use a newly-acquired $2-million federal grant to help fund these transfer centers.