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Moving Earth

Science, history and religion intersect in The Moving Earth, an absorbing tale of institutional power and tradition challenged by scientific achievement and enlightenment. In 1542 Polish astronomer Copernicus presented a radical idea that the sun — not the Earth — was the center of the universe. This was a highly controversial notion that led to serious confrontations with the Church and had a wide-ranging impact on the way we now view the world. The documentary tells the story of how this new picture of the universe came into existence. The Moving Earth uses computer animation, historical art and evocative, on-location re-enactment in various European cities to bring together the work of these and other 15th and 16th century scientists, many of whom were imprisoned or killed for their beliefs. Interviews with university scholars and a priest from the Vatican Observatory underscore the crucial role these pioneers played in laying the groundwork for astronomy as we know it today.