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Miss Lil's Camp

Miss Lil's Camp is a story about an exclusive summer girls camp in Georgia and its director, Lillian Smith. Miss Lil, as the campers called her, taught privileged young women in the Jim Crow South that segregation was wrong. Some campers were repulsed by Miss Lil's ideas while others embraced them. Radical as the camp was for the times, nothing prepared the South for Lillian Smith's first novel, Strange Fruit, published in 1944. The novel, which tells the story of illicit interracial love, was labeled obscene, banned in Boston and distributed around the South in a paper bag. In Miss Lil's Camp we meet three former campers and a former camp employee who return to Laurel Falls Camp in Clayton, Georgia in the fall of 2003. Through the memories of these women and rare audio-visual archival footage, Laurel Falls Camp and Lillian Smith are brought back to life.