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Midday Music

Midday Music Playlist for 09/02/2013

Labor Day. Russell Wells hosting.

Nelson, R. Savannah River Holiday Boston Pops, Lockhart RCA 68786
Sowash, R. Sunny Days Patterson, Costa, Amalong Sowash
Hoyer, G. Vignettes from an American Life: three movements Hartford Virtuosi, LaReau ERM 6808
Gallagher, J. Diversions Overture Kiev Phil, Winstin ERM 6709
Barber, S. Summer Music Dorian Quintet Vox 5083
Grieg, E. Lyric Pieces: Brooklet, Op. 62/4; Butterfly, Op. 43/1; Summer Evening, Op. 71/2 S.R. Henry Connoisseur 4231
Kodaly, Z. Summer Evening Budapest Phil, Kodaly DG 2543 809
McCartney, P. The Family Way: Theme (Love in the Open Air) La Flute Enchantee Quartet Atma 2137
Bax, A. Summer Music Ulster Orch, Thomson Chandos 8307
Anderson, L. Bugler's Holiday Parcells, Wilson Spy 1001
Bratton, J.W. The Teddy Bears' Picnic New London Orch, Corp Hyperion 67067
Ibert, J. Ouverture de Fete ORTF National Orch, Martinon EMI 64276
Gorb, A. Awayday "President's Own" US Marine Band, Foley US Marine Band 15