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Metropolitan Opera

Metropolitan Opera Project

The Metropolitan Opera: Live in HD returns this fall, with eleven live, high-definition transmissions schedules for world wide distribution during the 2008-09 Season. All performances except September 22nd will be live on Saturdays. Go to the Met Opera site for a season schedule and synopsis of the operas.

Opportunity for Educators and Students in Georgia

Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) and Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA) collaborate to provide an opportunity for Georgia educators and students to participate in a project that combines the best resources of one of America's finest cultural institutions with new technology. Complementary tickets are available to Georgia Music Educators and their students at selected theaters throughout the full Met HD season. For tickets to upcoming productions, go to

Georgia Graduation Stories Blog Wants You!

Educators and students are invited to share their feedback, reviews, reactions and pictures of their experience at The Met by posting their content at:

The Georgia Graduation Stories Blog is a place to read stories of the journey Georgia middle and high school students travel on their way to becoming successful high school graduates. As we share these stories with each other, we create the possibility of connections, celebrations, and a more personal view of factors that challenge Georgia’s high school graduation rate.