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Margaret Mitchell Video Lessons, Teacher Guide and "Gone with the Wind" Book Guide

Margaret Mitchell was no ordinary writer. She was a journalist, philanthropist, and a Pulitzer-Prize winning author. By exploring her life and writing, students can gain insights into the post Civil War era and Mitchell's contributions from a literary perspective. The video lessons, teacher guide and "Gone with the Wind" reader guide serve to enhance study.

Video Lessons - Recommended for Grades 9-12.
Aligned to American Literature and Composition Standards.

How to use these lessons: Download the video lesson guide that includes standards, questions and activities. These video lessons include the topic: Is Gone with the Wind Literature?, the grand premiere of Gone with the Wind the movie in Atlanta, author Pat Conroy and this mother's connection to Margaret Mitchell, the suffragist movement, the Atlanta race riots and the night Mitchell won the Pulitzer Prize.

Download the transcripts for the video lessons:
Is Gone with the Wind Literature?
The Grand Premiere
Margaret Mitchell and the Suffragist Movement
The Atlanta Race Riots
Pulitzer Prize Night

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Margaret Mitchell Teacher Guide

Margaret Mitchell wrote one of the best-sellers of all time: "Gone with the Wind." She grew up in turbulent times and defied the stereotypes of her generation to become a journalist, reporter, philanthropist and Pulitzer-Prize winning author. The teacher guide provided here explores Mitchell's contributions from a literary perspective.

Atlanta History Center Teacher Guide: Margaret Mitchell: A Link to Atlanta and the World.

Description: This guide supports the study of the author and her times and complements the documentary "Margaret Mitchell: An American Rebel." It focuses on the author's life and the residence she lived in while writing the 1936 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel "Gone With the Wind." This guide is intended to excite students about reading and writing and to expose them to the challenges of creating a major literary work. Please use and enjoy this resource, and share it with your fellow educators. This is intended for Grades 6-8.

Download the Teacher Guide

Download the Georgia Performance Standards

Scribner Gone with the Wind Reading Group Guide

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the release of "Gone with the Wind", Scribner publishing has re-issued the book and produced a comprehensive reading book guide. This guide can lead discussions for book clubs, library groups and classes. Download the reading guide now.