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The Lost Pyramids of Caral

Civilization began in only six areas of the world: Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China, Peru and Central America. In each of these regions people moved from small family units to build cities of thousands of people. Why did the people choose to leave simple lives for a more complex society? The Lost Pyramids of the Caral seeks to find the reasons behind this social movement. Some say it was because of the development of trade, others say that it was irrigation. Some scholars have even theorized the movement was sparked by aliens. Gradually, an uneasy consensus has emerged: the key force common to all civilizations was warfare. The theory is that only the fear of war could motivate people to form complex societies. To prove this theory, archaeologists still had to find a city that from that very first stage of civilization showed signs of warfare. The Lost Pyramids of Caral explores these extraordinary findings in an attempt to answer one of the great questions of archaeology: Why did humans become civilized?