Day 40 – Thursday, March 28, 2013

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Water Watchdogs Claim Victory Water Watchdogs Claim Victory

A day after the General Assembly adjourned for the session, water watchdogs are celebrating the failure of a bill that could have barred property owners from irrigating on their own land. But they say Georgia’s water supply is still an issue that needs to be addressed

Spending Cap May Not Fix ConcernsSpending Cap May Not Fix Concerns

A last-minute push in Georgia to impose a cap on lobbyist spending may have opened the door to new complications. Legislation approved Thursday by the General Assembly would generally prevent lobbyists from more than $75 at a time on public officials, including state lawmakers. Right now, lobbyists can spend as much as they want as long as they disclose that spending.

Gun Expansion Stalls Gun Expansion Stalls

Georgia lawmakers failed to pass a controversial gun bill by Thursday's midnight deadline ending the 2013 legislative session. One lawmaker says he’s already planning to push for the issue next year. Minutes before the House declared the session's adjournment, Representative Alan Powell of Hartwell addressed his fellow legislators.

Lawmakers Pass On Abortion, Guns Lawmakers Pass On Abortion, Guns

Governor Nathan Deal will soon begin the process of signing bills into law. The Georgia General Assembly adjourned shortly after midnight Thursday for the year. Lawmakers finished their session after midnight following a whirlwind final day that included passing a $41 billion budget for state government.

Lobbyist Gift Cap Bill PassesLobbyist Gift Cap Bill Passes

Georgia legislators have OK’d a historic gift cap on the last day of the legislative session to rein in lobbyists’ influence. Critics say it has too many loopholes but all parties say it has already changed the political culture at the Gold Dome. The bill would limit lobbyists’ gifts to individual lawmakers at $75 per expenditure.


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