Day 37 – Thursday, March 22, 2012


House Session 10:00am
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Bill Opens Sports, Clubs To Charter StudentsBill Opens Sports, Clubs To Charter Students

A House committee has passed a bill that would allow charter school students to participate in sports and clubs at traditional public schools. Senate Bill 34 is headed to the full House for a vote. It already passed the Senate.

Dems: Drug Testing For Welfare Unconstitutional Dems: Drug Testing For Welfare Unconstitutional

Supporters of the measure say requiring drug testing to qualify for "Temporary Assistance For Needy Families" benefits will save the state money. But House Democrats like Representative Roger Bruce from Atlanta say the math doesn't add up. "The reality is most TANF benefits, 99 percent, over 99 percent actually of the benefit money comes from the federal government, said Bruce.

Criminal Justice Bill Passes HouseCriminal Justice Bill Passes House

The Georgia House overwhelmingly approved a proposal Thursday to overhaul Georgia’s criminal justice system. The sentencing reform package was months in the making--- with proponents complaining that the state’s billion dollar corrections system not only costs too much, it’s often ineffective.

Tax Reform Heads To GovernorTax Reform Heads To Governor

A tax reform plan that would remove an unpopular car tax and the sales tax manufacturers pay on energy unanimously passed the state Senate Thursday. The state House has already passed the measure so it now heads to Governor Nathan Deal, who says he will sign it.

Chatham County Changes Voting DistrictsChatham County Changes Voting Districts

Chatham County's legislative delegation has come to an agreement over how to split up county voters among school board and county commission members. Politics divided the local redistricting process. The county's Democratic and Republican officials split over a county plan that Republicans saw as favoring Democrats. County officials denied politics played a role.


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