Day 30 – Wednesday, March 7, 2012


House Session 10:00am
Senate Session 10:00am
Lawmakers 7:00pm

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Jeffersonville Sunday Alcohol Sales Fails By 1 Vote Jeffersonville Sunday Alcohol Sales Fails By 1 Vote

Voters rejected Sunday sales of alcohol by a single vote in the central Georgia town of Jeffersonville. The Telegraph of Macon reports that 89 people voted in favor of the measure and 90 voted against it.

Band Among Air Force CutsBand Among Air Force Cuts

The US Air Force is getting rid of its reserve band at Robins Air Force Base. A military spending plan cuts the 45-member band and it's eight ensembles from next year's budget. The air force created what became a Robins fixture in 1941. The Band's elimination is part of nationwide cuts in the Air Force totaling 9,900 people. The Airmen will be reassigned to other active duty bands.

Dozens of Bills Clear SenateDozens of Bills Clear Senate

The state Senate heard 30 bills on an important day in the state legislature, commonly called Crossover Day. Bills had to pass must pass at least one chamber by midnight Wednesday. Otherwise, they died and will have to start all over again next year. The Senate voted to pass more than a dozen bills that will next be forwarded to the House for their vote.

Bills Pass By House DeadlineBills Pass By House Deadline

House lawmakers made a dash for the finish line during the General Assembly’s longest and busiest day of the legislative session. Facing a midnight deadline, lawmakers debated a laundry list of bills late into the night Wednesday. The marathon voting session was to push as many bills through before midnight. Any bills not passed by the chamber in which they were introduced are now dead.

New Guidelines For Food StampsNew Guidelines For Food Stamps

The Georgia Senate passed a bill that would require food stamp recipients pursue “personal or professional development” to retain their state benefits. The legislation is aimed at encouraging self-sufficiency and accountability. Under the bill, food stamp recipients would have to pursue personal growth activities—which could include literacy classes or working toward a technical education.



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