State of the State – Wednesday, January 12, 2011


11:00am State of the State Address - expected
2:00pm State of the State Address - confirmed
7:00pm Repeat of State of the State Address on GPB television


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DOT Winter Funds Almost ExhaustedDOT Winter Funds Almost Exhausted

The cost of snow and ice removal could have implication on the state budget. As state government is looking for cuts it also has to find funding for emergencies.

Budget Cuts Include Civil War CommissionBudget Cuts Include Civil War Commission

Governor Nathan Deal’s proposed state budget eliminates funding for the Georgia Civil War Commission. The cuts come despite a surge in interest in the war. Tourists worldwide are taking notice of this year’s 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, which had major Georgia events. But on July 1st, the Georgia Civil War Commission’s budget could be zeroed out.

Winter Weather Changes Rail DebateWinter Weather Changes Rail Debate

The icy roads are keeping most people in the northern half of state still stuck at home. In Atlanta, the only reliable means of travel has been the intercity rail system MARTA. That has one lawmaker stressing the importance of high-speed rail in the state. The snow event has proven just how car dependent much of the state is.

Gov. Deal Outlines State BudgetGov. Deal Outlines State Budget

In his first State of the State Address Governor Nathan Deal outlined his budget priorities. State agencies can expect more cuts while teacher furloughs will be eliminated. Governor Deal wants to freeze 14-thousand positions currently open in state government.

Gov. Deal Set To Give State Of State Gov. Deal Set To Give State Of State

Already having spoken to state lawmakers on Monday after his inauguration, Governor Nathan Deal will do it again Wednesday afternoon—this time officially delivering his first State of the State address to the joint General Assembly session.



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