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Workforce Troubles For MOX Plant Workforce Troubles For MOX Plant

The 4.8 billion dollar mixed oxide, or MOX, plant at Savannah River Site is designed to get rid of weapons grade plutonium by turning it into fuel for commercial nuclear reactors. The National Nuclear Security Administration oversees the construction.

Senate Has Fate Of Sunday Alcohol Sales  Senate Has Fate Of Sunday Alcohol Sales

Sunday alcohol sales got a hearing in a state Senate caucus meeting Wednesday at the state Capitol. Following was a secret vote count that could determine whether the controversial measure makes it to a full Senate vote.

Lawmakers Target High Prison RollsLawmakers Target High Prison Rolls

Georgia lawmakers want to set up a special council to study ways of reducing Georgia's prison population. Like other states around the country Georgia is pushing for reforms in how it deals with non violent offenders.

Obama's Budget Restores Coast Guard UnitObama's Budget Restores Coast Guard Unit

President Barack Obama's budget restores funding to an elite Coast Guard unit. The 85-member Maritime and Safety Security Team is based in St. Marys. The team is responsible for high-level specialized security and is part of the nation's anti-terrorism response. Coast Guard officials wanted to cut the unit and four-others in part to have more money to buy new ships.

Chief Justice Urges Sentencing Reform Chief Justice Urges Sentencing Reform

Chief Justice Carol Hunstein says it's time for Georgia to reform its tough criminal sentences. In her annual State of the Judiciary address to a joint session of the state Legislature on Wednesday, Hunstein said many inmates clogging Georgia's prisons "are a greater threat to themselves than to society."


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