Special Session - Day 9 – Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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Barrow Speaks Out On RedistrictingBarrow Speaks Out On Redistricting

US Congressman John Barrow says, state lawmakers didn't have to redraw his district. The Savannah Democrat is criticizing the state's redistricting process after Republicans targeted him in maps approved Wednesday.

Redistricting Maps Bound For DCRedistricting Maps Bound For DC

The state Senate passed new congressional district maps Wednesday, the last major event of this year’s special legislative session. Gov. Nathan Deal will sign off on them and then submit them to the federal government for approval. Under the Voting Rights Act, the federal government must approve any changes to Georgia’s election maps.

Congressional Map Nears Approval Congressional Map Nears Approval

Georgia legislators are wrapping up their work redrawing the state's political boundaries. Redistricting is expected to be completed on Wednesday as the state Senate votes on a new congressional map that adds a 14th district in northeast Georgia. The House has already approved the map.

Politics And Regional TransportationPolitics And Regional Transportation

Project wish lists for Georgia’s 12 transportation regions are almost complete. In 2012, voters will decide whether to pay a penny sales tax to fund the work. The process of whittling-down the lists -- and convincing voters to support them -- is a challenge for municipalities trying to serve voters locally, and at the same time, support the region.

A 'Perfect Storm' of Water IssuesA 'Perfect Storm' of Water Issues

As lawmakers wrap up a special session this week, one Senator is already thinking about the next legislative session in January, and the 'perfect storm' of issues facing Georgia, including dwindling water reserves, rising energy costs and aging infrastructure.


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