Day 40 - SINE DIE – Thursday, April 14, 2011


10:00am House Session
10:00am Senate Session

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Judge Defends Court Under Glass' LensJudge Defends Court Under Glass' Lens

A South Georgia Superior Court Judge is speaking out about charges made by public radio's Ira Glass. Glynn County Judge Amanda Williams' defense doesn't satisfy some critics, who say her drug court is too punitive. The report on PRI's This American Life last month leveled many accusations.

Deal Will Sign Immigration BillDeal Will Sign Immigration Bill

Governor Nathan Deal says he will sign a controversial immigration measure headed to his desk. The bill allows police officers to check the immigration status of people stopped for traffic violations. It also forces many companies to check the citizenship of new hires. It’s among many bills approved in the final hours of the legislative session that wrapped up last night.

Lawmakers Return This SummerLawmakers Return This Summer

Lawmakers finished up this year’s legislative session late Thursday night. But they will be back at the state Capitol this summer for a special session on redistricting. And Gov. Nathan Deal will decide what else is on the agenda. State lawmakers won’t have the option of taking the summer off. Every ten years, they must redraw the legislative maps based on new census data.

Lawmakers Wrap 2011 Session Lawmakers Wrap 2011 Session

The 2011 General Assembly wrapped up by midnight Thursday, and the high profile/controversial bill of immigration reform was passed by the Legislature.

Lawmakers Extend Jobless Benefits Lawmakers Extend Jobless Benefits

State lawmakers at the 11th hour agreed to a small change in Georgia unemployment law. It will allow 22,000 people to receive an additional 20 weeks of unemployment benefits. Officials have known since January that Georgia’s longterm unemployed were in danger of losing federal jobless benefits.


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