Day 34 – Monday, March 28, 2011


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Black Leaders Sue Over New CitiesBlack Leaders Sue Over New Cities

A new lawsuit says, Georgia is fencing out black voters with newly-created white-majority cities in Atlanta's suburbs. Georgia’s black legislative caucus says, several cities created in the last six years including John's Creek and Sandy Springs violate the federal Voting Rights Act and it has sued the governor to get them dissolved.

Tax Reform Vote PendingTax Reform Vote Pending

A legislative committee approved a tax reform plan that would lower the income tax rate and leave groceries untaxed. The new plan would lower the state income tax rate to 4.5 percent. And it would levy new taxes on car repair, car sales between individuals and some telecommunication services.

Reports Cast Doubt On Drug CourtsReports Cast Doubt On Drug Courts

Two new reports are casting doubt on whether creating more drug courts in the state will save taxpayers money. One of them comes from public radio's This American Life. Host Ira Glass profiled the Glynn County drug court run by Judge Amanda Williams.

Sex Trade Bill Heads to Deal's DeskSex Trade Bill Heads to Deal's Desk

The Senate has unanimously approved legislation that overhauls the way Georgia treats sex traffickers by imposing higher fines and stiffer sentences while also offering new treatment options to people who could be victims of the sex slave trade. The measure was approved 54-0 on Tuesday, capping a four-year push on the issue. The bill now heads to Gov. Nathan Deal for his signature.

Lawmakers Grapple with Second Budget HoleLawmakers Grapple with Second Budget Hole

State senators Monday presented their ideas for balancing next year’s state budget. It totals $18 billion. Governor Nathan Deal's original budget proposal accounted for a nearly $1 billion hole for Medicaid costs. But there's a new funding gap on top of that to the tune of $300 million.


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