Day 18 – Wednesday, February 23, 2011


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Racially Divided Council Nominates ManagerRacially Divided Council Nominates Manager

A racially-divided Savannah City Council has nominated the city's interim city manager to serve permanently as the city's top municipal administrator. The council nominated Rochelle Small-Toney after a bitter, months-long fight that led to what some called the city's worst race relations in decades.

HOPE Bill Moving Under Gold Dome HOPE Bill Moving Under Gold Dome

A sweeping overhaul of the state's lottery-funded HOPE scholarship has rapidly cleared two hurdles in the Georgia Legislature. The House Appropriations Committee approved the bill 60-2 Thursday morning soon after the higher education subcomittee signed off on it. Pushed by new Republican Gov. Nathan Deal, the bill makes deep cuts to the cash-strapped HOPE scholarship.

Locals Push For 911 FeesLocals Push For 911 Fees

Cities and counties are losing millions in fees intended to boost 911 call centers. Now, there's a legislative push to get that money back into local coffers. At issue are fees from sales of prepaid cell phones and packages of minutes bought to restock those phones.  The extra $1.50 charge is supposed to go to technology upgrades for emergency call centers.

Lawmaker: Bill Not About Harbor DeepeningLawmaker: Bill Not About Harbor Deepening

A bill in the state Senate would streamline private financing of river infrastructure projects. The sponsor says, it's not about the Savannah harbor deepening. State Sen. Ross Tolleson (R-Perry) says, his bill is designed to help water authorities negotiate with private companies who want to put up money to build reservoirs.

Gov. Deal Announces HOPE FixGov. Deal Announces HOPE Fix

Governor Nathan Deal wants top-performing Georgia high school students to receive free tuition at public colleges. Deal on Tuesday outlined sweeping changes he is proposing to the state's lottery-funded HOPE scholarship, which is struggling financially.


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