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Day 12 - Thursday, February 4, 2010

GPB News - Politics

Georgia Capitol building

Ga. House Approves State Funding Plan

The Georgia House has passed a state spending plan that narrows previous years' cuts to public education spending and hires more child protection workers.
Cannabis Oil

Medical Marijuana Bill Clears Hurdle In Ga. Legislature

A bill to legalize cannabis oil to treat seizure disorders and seven other debilitating health problems passed a key committee in the Georgia House on Monday but faces an uphill battle in the state Senate, even in its latest, watered-down version.
Matt Ramsey

Several Ga. House Republicans React To Bowers Analysis Of Religious Freedom Bills

Eight house republicans say former Attorney General Mike Bowers’ analysis of proposed religious freedom bills is “not a credible legal document.”
Michael Bowers

Former AG: 'Religious Freedom' Bills Excuse Discrimination

Michael Bowers says in an analysis released Tuesday that the bills are "mean spirited" and create an excuse to discriminate.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx Raises Support For A Long Term Transportation Bill

The proposed bill would provide 478 billion dollars worth of transportation funding over the next six years.
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