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Extended Journalist Round-table

As the 42nd season of Primetime Lawmakers comes to close we get into all the big issues of the 2012 legislative session with an extended version of our journalist round–table.

We are joined tonight live in–studio by Tom Crawford, editor of the Georgia Report; Tom has been covering state government for over 30 years, and is a frequent contributor to Primetime Lawmakers.

Jim Galloway; Jim is the AJC's political insider and has been covering Georgia politics for more than three decades. Jim also appears on our show often.

Sandra Parrish. You know her well as Prime Time Lawmakers' Capitol Correspondent. Sandra is also a reporter for WSB Radio in Atlanta with over 20 years of experience.

And Errin Haines; Errin Haines is a reporter for the Associated Press based in Atlanta. She's been reporting in Georgia for seven years, and occasionally appears on our program.

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