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Legislative Day 34 - March 19, 2012

It is 34th legislative day of the Georgia General Assembly.

The Senate gives final passage to the constitutional amendment allowing state charter schools; next stop, the ballot in November. Several democrats crossed party lines to give the measure its needed two–thirds majority.

Sales tax may be coming to those Amazon and eBay purchases. Governor Nathan Deal's long–awaited Tax Reform Bill is unveiled in a special joint committee today. Sweeping in scope, the bill will also charge tax on services like haircuts, casual car sales, and repeal the tax businesses pay on energy.

Illegal immigrants may soon be prohibited from attending Georgia’s colleges and universities.
A bill classifying higher education as a public benefit not available to undocumented students passes committee.

The bill to limit abortions after 20 weeks is heard in a Senate Committee. Current state law allows abortions through 26 weeks.

To continue the discussion on reproductive rights, we are joined live, onset by Senator Joshua McKoon, co–sponsor of two bills concerning reproductive rights...and Senator Valencia Seay, opponent of the measures.

We are also joined onset by one of the deans of the capitol press corps, the AJC's Jim Galloway.

You can watch Prime Time Lawmakers every night the Georgia General Assembly is in session at 7p.m. on Georgia Public Broadcasting. The program re-airs the next morning at 5:30 am.