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Legislative Day 23 - 2011

The House today debated the controversial immigration bill, HB87, for almost three hours. Rep. Matt Ramsey, who sponsors the bill, acknowledged that state police cannot police the national borders from illegal immigration. The bill eventually passed the House with an amendment to allow small businesses to phase in the use of the e-verify program. The bill now goes onto the Senate.

On the Senate side, disagreement about whether eight-year-olds should be required to ride in booster seats if they are not at least four feet nine inches tall. Sen. Jack Murphy attempted to amend the bill to make age seven the cut off. On reconsideration that amendment failed. SB88 passed by a vote of 38 to 13.

Georgia is considering sweeping revisions to its Tax Code. We are joined on-set with Representative Mickey Channell, sponsor of the tax overhaul legislation, and Kelly McCutchen, President of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation.

You can watch Prime Time Lawmakers every night the Georgia General Assembly is in session at 7 pm, and at 5:30 am the following morning.