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Legislative Day 20 - 2011

A bill that allows citizens to sue their local governments for not enforcing illegal immigration laws passed the House judiciary non-civil committee today. HB 87, sponsored by Rep. Matt Ramsey, also imposes harsh penalties on people who harbor illegal immigrants for purposes of concealing their legal status.

The bill will now move to House rules. Also today, Senate democrats voiced their concern that the governor Nathan Deal-backed HOPE legislation is proceeding through the General Assembly too quickly. The bill does have the bi-partisan support, with House minority leader Stacey Abrams as a co-sponser.

A bill that extensively revises sex trafficking laws is working its way through the General Assembly this year. We are joined on set by Representative Edward Lindsey, sponsor of HB 200 and Sally Yates, the U.S. Attorney for the northern district of Georgia.

You can watch Prime Time Lawmakers every night the Georgia General Assembly is in session at 7 pm, and at 5:30 am the following morning.