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Legislative Day 17 - 2011

Big changes come to the HOPE scholarship and Pre–K funding.
Governor Nathan Deal announced legislation today that will reduce tuition payments to most HOPE scholars.The top 10 percent of HOPE scholars will continue to receive full tuition scholarships.The plan also calls for cutting the state's Pre–k program from 6 and a half to four hours per day.

Also, the FY 2011 amended budget passed the Senate Appropriations Committee today.
The 18.5 billion dollar spending bill adjusts the current year's budget to meet actual revenue collections. The bill cleared the House two weeks ago.

We continue the discussion about the future of Sunday sales Representative Roger Williams, sponsor of the House version of the bill will be joining us on set, as well as, Jerry Luquire, President of the Georgia Christian Coalition.

You can watch Prime Time Lawmakers every night the Georgia General Assembly is in session at 7 pm, and at 5:30 am the following morning.

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