Legislative Day 14 - 2011

A House committee passed a bill that would require students who attend state colleges and universities to have their legal status in this country verified. HB 59, by Rep. Tom Rice, establishes state secondary education as a state and local public benefit available only to those who are citizens or legal residents.

Also, in response to the wintry weather that marked the beginning of the session, the Senate today passed a resolution urging the department of transportation to update its winter weather response plan. Among other things, the DOT is urged to make use of private contractors to assist clearing roads during winter weather.

We’re joined in studio by Senate Appropriations Chairman, Jack Hill, and House Appropriations Secretary, Doug Collins, to continue the budget discussion.

You can watch Prime Time Lawmakers every night the Georgia General Assembly is in session at 7 pm, and at 5:30 am the following morning.


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