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Day 40 - April 20, 2007

In a surprising move, the House voted today to override Governor Sonny Perdue's veto on the 2007 Supplemental Budget, and then immediately transmitted the override to the Senate. All this comes in response to Governor Perdue's late-night press conference last night where he vetoed House Bill 94, saying the budget did not meet the needs of Georgians. The Senate has yet to take up the veto override.

Several bills that we have covered throughout the session on Lawmakers are not expected to pass this year. Some of these bills include House Bill 225, a measure that would give senior citizens a state income tax break, Senator Vincent Fort's hate crimes legislation, Senate Bill 85, which would have removed the unanimous jury requirement for death penalty cases, and Senator Robert Brown's bill that would have raised the minimum wage in Georgia. Lawmakers' Jesse Freeman has all the details.

Today was the annual Days of Remembrance ceremony to honor both victims and survivors of the Holocaust. Governor Sonny Perdue attended the ceremony, which was held in the Capitol. Lawmakers' Bridgett Snapp has more.

All that and more, tonight on Lawmakers.