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Day 39 - April 19, 2007

A bill that will not allow teachers to be coerced into changing student grades passed the House today. A committee substitute to Senate Bill passed the House by a vote of 163 to 1. Changes made by the House Education Committee send the bill back to the Senate.

Provisions to the State Sexual Offender Act passed the Senate today. Among other things, the new provisions require sexual offender registration information to include palm prints, and repeals the provision that sexual offenders may not loiter within 1000 feet of a child care facility, school, church, or similar institution where children congregate. Sen. Preston Smith proposed an amendment that redefines "incest" in gender-neutral terms. House Bill 314 passed unanimously with the Smith Amendment and now goes back to the House.

The House today agreed to establish the nine-member Georgia Trauma Commission. Senate Bill 60 passed the House by a vote of 158 to 1, and now goes to the governor for his signature.

The House today insisted on its position about whether a doctor should be required to administer an ultrasound to a woman seeking an abortion. Senate modifications to House Bill 147 would require a physician to perform an ultrasound rather than just offer the procedure to a woman seeking an abortion. HB 147 is now in a House-Senate Conference Committee.

The House passed the Secure and Verifiable Identity Document Act today, giving Gov. Perdue discretion in implementing the Federal Real ID Act. Senate Bill 5 passed 151 to 2. Changes made in the Rules Committee mean the legislation must return to the Senate.

Final passage of a measure allowing courts to take into account the citizenship status of a defendant when considering sentencing came in the House today without debate. Senate Bill 23 passed 153 to 6 and now requires the governor's signature.

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