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Day 38 - April 17, 2007

The Senate passed out is version of the state's 2008 Budget this morning. The $20.2 billion funding bill includes pay raises for all state law enforcement officers, but does not fund a proposed medical school program at the University of Georgia The House has insisted upon its position, and a House-Senate Committee of Conference has been appointed to hammer out the differences.

On the heels of the Virginia Tech massacre, House Bill 89 dealing with guns in vehicles was to have come up for a vote today, but it appears the measure may be moved to the foot of the calendar and not considered at all today. The bill could be voted on later this week or postponed until next year.

The House today approved a measure prohibiting prisoners from keeping pictures of their victims. Senate Bill 34 was proposed on the website by a prison warden from Alamo, Georgia. SB 34 now returns to the Senate.

A bill that repeals a provision of the Georgia Code that currently allows a panel of three Superior Court judges to review sentences of 12 years or more was passed by the Senate today, but without an amendment attempt that would have freed Genarlow Wilson, the man who is currently serving 10 years for a crime, that if committed today would not be punishable with a prison sentence. House Bill 197 now goes back to the House.

Two tax exemption bills passed the Senate today. House Bill 148 would allow for tax exemptions for Georgia Aquarium expansions. House Bill 193 would benefit airliners based at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Both bills passed the Senate by substitute and now go back to the Senate.

A Senate resolution urging Congress to withdraw from the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America failed to pass the Senate today. The Senate later voted to reconsider Senate Resolution 124, so it may be back on the floor for a vote as soon as Thursday.

Legislation that requires medical board certification for people working cosmetic laser machines passed the Senate today, however an amendment requiring a physician's presence during cosmetic procedures failed after a vote to reconsider. House Bill 528 now goes back to the House.

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