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Day 36 - April 13, 2007

The House today passed House Bill 95, which is the Budget for fiscal year 2008. The House took three hours to go over the bill, line by line, finally voting to pass the bill 156 to 7. House leadership had been criticized by members of their own party for putting too much pork in the budget, and some Republicans wanted to cut Gov. Perdue's Go Fish Georgia initiative. Their attempts were unsuccessful. HB 95 now moves to the Senate.

Eleven House bills passed the Senate today, two of which deal with taxation and revenue. House Bill 282 creates a tax exemption for commercial airline repair companies. Sen. Mitch Seabaugh said it allows certain Georgia companies to compete with business in other states that currently have this exemption.

The Senate also passed House Bill 357, which creates retroactive state tax cuts that comply with federal tax cuts. Both HB 357 and 282 passed the Senate with changes, and now go back to the House.

The House today gave final passage to a measure addressing commercial vehicle insurance. The House passed Senate Bill 224 without opposition, and it now requires the governor's signature.

The House today rejected the Senate version of House Bill 147. Disagreement arose in part over whether to penalize a doctor who fails to perform an ultrasound on a woman seeking an abortion. HB 147 now returns to the Senate.

Nwandi and David sat down today to talk with Tom Crawford of Tom gave them his take on the budget, weapons in the workplace, TV choice, and what to expect out of the final days of the session.

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