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Day 30 - March 27, 2007 - Crossover Day

House Speaker Glenn Richardson today led the passage in the House of a sweeping revision of the PeachCare insurance program. House Bill 340 will change PeachCare eligibility from 235% of the federal poverty level to 200%. Speaker Richardson drew opposition from House Democrats, who questioned whether this plan is actually intended to phase out the PeachCare program. The House passed HB 340 101 to 63, with one amendment.

Legislation that creates infrastructure development districts passed the Senate today. The enabling legislation which would put Senate Bill 200 on ballots, was tabled earlier in the day, but passed shortly before airtime.

A bill that will allow the creation of townships in Georgia also passed the Senate today. Like the infrastructure development district bill, its enabling legislation was held up until late in the day, finally passing just before airtime.

A week after passage, the House today sent the supplemental budget to the Senate for consideration, but not before taking a stand against Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle's contention that the budget is loaded with pork projects. More details are in the broadcast.

Though there were dozens of bills on both the House and Senate calendars, many didn't make it. Sandra Parrish has the details on the session's dead bills, including Sunday alcohol sales and Confederate Heritage Month.

Another bill that died on the floor of the House today was House Bill 163. HB 163 would have brought payday lenders back to Georgia. The bill already failed to pass once this session, but the House voted reconsider its decision. The payday lending bill again failed to receive the 91 votes it needed to pass.

Gov. Sonny Perdue's Hope Chest Amendment passed the Senate today. If the bill passes the House, it would give voters the choice to reserve lottery funds for the Hope Scholarship and Pre-K programs. Gov. Perdue has been trying to get the Hope Chest Amendment passed for three years.

A bill that redefines and expands the scope of practice for chiropractors passed the Senate today. Sen. Don Balfour sponsored Senate Bill 102 and took the well to debunk what he calls myths about what this bill does. SB 102 passed 40 to 12, and now moves to the House.

All that and more, tonight on Lawmakers.