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Day 28 - March 19, 2007

The House voted 116 to 54 today on a bill that will force physicians to offer an ultrasound to a woman seeking an abortion. House Bill 147 also requires that if an ultrasound is given to a woman seeking an abortion, the doctor must ask if the woman wishes to see it.

The House also voted today to require physicians and health care providers to perform an HIV test on a pregnant woman, unless the woman specifically declines the test. The bill also requires that the woman be informed about the test beforehand.

Finally, the House passed a measure to fill in the funding gap for PeachCare. $81 million was approved as a stop gap measure in the supplemental budget until Congress can come up with funding for the cash-strapped program.

Over the two week legislative break, House and Senate committees stayed busy and passed out 100 bills. Sen. Seth Harp's alcohol sales bill was one of the bills that made it through, and Sandra Parrish has the story.

The Senate voted unanimously today to pass a deaf child bill of rights. Senate Bill 168 is sponsored by Sen. Preston Smith. The bill lays out how school systems will develop curriculum for students with hearing impairments.

Sen. George Hooks took the well this morning to praise the state for its speedy reaction to the tornado disaster in southeast Georgia. Three people died, and many others lost their homes in the storm.

Two Democratic senators took the opportunity this morning in the Senate to criticize the activities of two corporations who are constructing utility lines. Sen. Steve Thompson said the Colonial Company is set to utilize a power tantamount to eminent domain. Sen. Vincent Fort called out Georgia Power, which intends to run a gas pipeline west of Atlanta through his district. Both senators were troubled by the fact the neither energy company met with them or with local officials before proceeding with their business initiatives.

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