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Day 25 - February 27, 2007

The House took up tax holiday legislation today. HB 128 passed the House with no debate, and establishes August 2-4, 2007 as a sales tax holiday for school supplies. It also establishes October 4-6, 2007 as a sales tax holiday for energy-saving appliances.

The PeachCare Taskforce released its recommendations for funding the $131 million deficit in the PeachCare program last week. The taskforce recommended a raise in premiums to 1.5% of household income, instituting $25 emergency room copays, making dental and vision optional add-on premiums, and shifting the poorest children to Medicaid.

Sunday alcohol sales will be taken up tomorrow in the Senate Regulated Industries and Utilities committee. Sen. Seth Harp, who sponsors Senate Bills 137 and 138, says he hopes the bills will pass committee. Some conservative groups have expressed opposition to the bills, saying that Sunday should be set aside for worship and rest.

Sen. Renee Unterman took the well in response to an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on traffic light cameras. Sen. Unterman believes many of the cameras are being used as revenue tools. Sen. Vincent Fort later disagreed with Sen. Unterman's statements.

The Senate voted unanimously to pass Senate Resolution 133. SR 133 will create a study committee for the investigation of toxic water in Augusta. The Senate also unanimously passed Senate Bill 131. SB 131 is sponsored by Sen. Ralph Hudgens, who says it will close a loophole in the Subsequent Injury Trust Fund.

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