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Day 19 - February 13, 2007

The Senate Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee gave a do-pass recommendation to a bill that would require seatbelts to be worn in pickup trucks. Senate Bill 86 was passed by a vote of nine to two.

The Senate unanimously passed a bill that requires Georgians to have a valid driver's license before registering a tag for a vehicle.

The Senate passed a bill today which prohibits teachers from being coerced into changing a student's final grade. Senate Bill 9 passed by a vote of 52 to zero, and goes to the House for the second year in a row.

The Department of Community Health today briefed the House Children and Youth Committee on Medicaid and the PeachCare. The DCH believes the PeachCare funding deficit must be solved at the federal level with legislation that would redistribute unused children's health insurance money from other states.

The Senate also took up bills on rental property, county taxes, and services for the deaf and blind. Senate Bill 94 focuses on the way landlords regain property when tenants don't pay, SB 58 changes the way taxes are handled for property owners whose land extends over county lines, and SB 49 provides more convenient services for the deaf and blind.

Co-anchor David Zelski talks with Senate Minority Whip, David Adelman and Senate Majority Whip, Mitch Seabaugh on current legislative issues.

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