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Day 15 - February 8, 2007

The Georgia Department of Community Health announced that Georgia's PeachCare program will no longer accept new enrollees as of March 11, 2007. Coverage of children currently under the program will continue until October.

The Democratic leadership held a press conference yesterday, reasserting its stance that PeachCare must be funded. House Democratic Caucus Chairman Calvin Smyre said that the Legislature must be prepared in case federal funding for PeachCare doesn't arrive.

Sen. Seth Harp plans to file two more bills dealing with Sunday alcohol sales in Georgia. The proposed bills would allow for the sale of liquor on Sunday, but would require that all Sunday alcohol sales take place after 12 PM Earlier this session Sen. Harp filed a bill that would allow beer and wine sales on Sundays.

Senate Bill 59, which aims to regulate social networking websites, got its first public hearing today. The Joint House and Senate Science and Technology Committee heard testimony on the legislation from law enforcement officials as well as computer experts. Lawmakers' Sandra Parrish has more.

The Georgia Public Defender Standards Council is also facing a funding shortfall this year. Council President Michael Mears testified before a Senate Judiciary sub-committee yesterday, but the sub-committee took no vote.

Sen. Renee Unterman spoke today on Senate Bill 57. The bill will require dialysis technicians to be certified by the Georgia Board of Nursing.

Sen. Vincent Fort took the well this morning to express his disapproval of the payday lending bill that is currently in the House. Fort believes House Bill 163 strips consumers of protection.

Chuck Leavell, Georgia tree farmer and conservationist, visited the Capitol today. Leavell was at the Gold Dome to receive a commendation from the House. Leavell also took the opportunity to serenade lawmakers with Georgia's state song.

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