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Day 14 - February 2, 2007

The first of Lt. Governor Casey Cagle's legislative initiatives passed the Senate today. Senate Bill will allow local school districts to operate under the Charter System.

Senate Bill 68 also passed the Senate today. SB 68 is another of Lt. Governor Cagle's initiatives. The bill will create five new career academies. The academies are high schools that offer technical and occupational training in addition to traditional academic subjects. Credits earned in the academies can be used for college level credits.

Rep. Mike Glanton took a morning order today. Rep. Glanton's daughter, Staff Sergeant Latish Glanton, is currently serving in Iraq. Staff Sergeant Glanton's division was attacked by insurgents earlier in the week, and Rep. Glanton read a letter from his daughter to legislators. Rep. Glanton received support from many of his colleagues in the House.

A few new bills have been introduced this week that have caused a lot of talk around the Capitol. House Bill 282 aims to allow local school boards to shorten their school years by 10 days, if they desire. HB 159 would allow Georgia wineries to ship wine directly to consumers. A similar bill, Senate Bill 56 was introduced in the Senate.

The House passed three bills today. House Bill 81 will change the license fees for shrimp boat operators, HB 39 affects public records disclosures, and HB 105 deals with poultry licenses.

Sen. Jeff Mullis introduced a bill today which will offer additional training programs to Georgia firefighters. The programs will include leadership training.

Co-Anchor Nwandi Lawson takes a look back at Week Three of the 2007 Session of the General Assembly.

Nwandi Lawson also sat down today with's Tom Crawford Tom and Nwandi discussed the week's events, including payday lending.

All that and more, tonight on Lawmakers.