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Day 12 - January 31, 2007

The Senate voted to allow vouchers for children with special needs. The vouchers would let children with special needs who meet certain qualifications attend private schools with public money.

U.S. Airways announced it was dropping its $10 billion takeover bid against Atlanta-based Delta Airlines. Georgia legislators had urged the U.S. Congress to block the hostile takeover attempt.

The State and Local Governmental Operations Committee gave a do pass recommendation to legislation that would allow residents of Dunwoody to incorporate into a city.

A joint House-Senate Transportation Committee heard ideas to reduce Atlanta traffic today. Some recommendations to the committee included creating special toll express lanes, as well as creating new truck-only tunnels. Sandra Parrish has more.

The House passed a resolution today asking the Capitol Arts Standards Commission to create a statue of former Georgia Governor and U.S. Senator Zell Miller. Lawmakers has reaction from Sen. Miller.

The Senate Appropriations Committee heard from two economic forecasters today. These experts compared Georgia's economic outlook on a national scale when it comes to job growth, interest rates, risk factors, and consumer spending.

The Georgia Agrirama Authority conducted a presentation today for the Agriculture and Consumer and Economic Development Committees. Agrirama officials said they held the event to raise awareness about agriculture in Georgia.

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