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Day 10 - January 29, 2007

Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson sat down today to talk with Lawmakers' Sandra Parrish. Speaker Richardson gave his views on ethics reform, Sunday alcohol sales, school vouchers, and PeachCare.

House Bill 195 was introduced in the House today. The bill would eliminate state income tax on retirement income for Georgia residents who are 65 and older. The tax exemption would be gradually phased in by 2013. Gov. Perdue said that the credit will result in $142 million in tax relief.

Rep. Ben Harbin spoke at a press conference today expressing concern over the future of PeachCare. Rep. Harbin said no solution to PeachCare's funding problems has been found, but he urged lawmakers to work together to find a solution.

Rep. Alicia Thomas Morgan took a morning order today to express hope that her colleagues would sign on to the push by the U.S. Congress to pull funding for the War in Iraq to help save Georgia's under-funded PeachCare program.

Legislation was filed today that would hold owners responsible for abandoned craft left in Georgia's tidal water basins. Senate Bill 27 would prohibit any owner of an abandoned vessel from obtaining a registration for a new boat or motor vehicle until the abandoned vessel is removed.

Israel Day was held at the Capitol today. Sen. Judson Hill hosted the Honorable Reda Mansour, Consul General of Israel. Both men spoke of building strong ties between Georgia and Israel to foster business opportunities.

Senate Bill 8 passed the Senate today. The bill caps the amount of interest that can be owed on property tax appeals at $150. The cap applies to interest owed both to and by the government.

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