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Day 9 - January 26, 2007

Senate Bill 15 passed the Senate today with a vote of 40 to 8. The bill would make a third offense of driving without a Georgia driver's license a felony in some cases. Concerns over unintended consequences of the bill prompted the adoption of an amendment that would exempt persons who had recently moved to the state.

The Senate passed a bill that would crack down on internet scams. Sen. Cecil Staton sponsored Senate Bill 24 which would give district attorneys and prosecutors more tools to crack down on so-called "internet phishers" that live in the state.

Sen. Staton, who is Chair of the Senate Science and Technology Committee, also introduced a bill today that would require more parental control over a minor's access to social networking sites such as My Space and Facebook. Sen. Staton says this legislation is necessary because of reports that children have been molested and murdered by stalkers using social networking sites.

A bi-partisan bill was introduced in the House today that would make it illegal for holders of class D driver's licenses or instructional permits to use a cell phone while driving. House Bill 174 would even ban the use of cell phones equipped with a hands free device.

Democrats held a press conference on the Capitol steps today, alleging federal funds that could have gone to PeachCare are instead being used to fight the War in Iraq. The press conference was led by Congressmen John Lewis and Hank Johnson, of the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Returning Hero Education Act was introduced in the Senate today. The bill would guarantee returning combat veterans admission into a Georgia university. Forty-six senators have signed on to the bill.

A resolution passed the Senate today stating that keeping Delta Air Lines independent would be in Georgia's best interest. Senate Resolution 49 urges against the unsolicited takeover of Delta by U.S. Airways.

Tom Crawford of talks with David Zelski and Nwandi Lawson about this week's developments under the Gold Dome.

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