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Day 6 - January 23, 2007

The House Children and Youth Committee today heard testimony from representatives of several children's advocacy groups. The hearings were held to help solve the problem of PeachCare's funding shortfall. As it now stands, PeachCare's funding could run out as early as March, according to the Department of Community Health.

Sen. Judson Hill introduced a bill in the Senate today that is aimed to help the 1.7 million Georgians who are currently uninsured. Lawmakers' Sandra Parrish has the details.

Georgia Mental Health Services held a press conference today on the steps of the Capitol to further raise awareness of mental health issues facing Georgians. Recent articles in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution have helped to bring attention to mental health in Georgia.

Lawmakers Co-Anchor David Zelski sat down with the Senate Majority and Minority Leaders today. Senate Majority Leader Tommie Williams mentioned some Republican legislative initiatives for the coming year, while Senate Minority Leader Robert Brown brought up some issues he feels members of the majority party have overlooked.

all that and more, tonight on Lawmakers.