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Day 40 - Sine Die - March 30, 2006

The House moments ago voted down a bill that would have allowed development within state mandated stream buffer zones. Senate Bill 510
was defeated by a vote of 139 to 30. We'll have the highlights of that
debate on our special wrap-up show tomorrow night on Lawmakers.

The House decided to disagree with Senate changes to a bill permitting the posting of the 10 Commandments and other historical documents in public buildings. However, Representative Tommy Benton called on the House to accept the Senate substitute to House Bill 941.

The House agreed to Senate changes to a bill to change the process for emancipating a minor. As adopted today, House Bill 847 includes a Senate amendment that lowers the ceiling to age 16 for juvenile emancipation. In addition, the Senate added a provision outlawing marriage without parental consent for those under age 18, even in cases of pregnancy.

Lt. Governor Mark Taylor, who's running for Governor, was joined by his wife Sasha as he said his good-byes to the Senate earlier this evening.

Governor Sonny Perdue made an earlier than usual Sine Die appearance before lawmakers. About an hour ago he thanked members of the Senate for their work during this session.

It may have taken the full 40 days, but the House and Senate finally came to an agreement on the 2007 budget. Comments began by both House and Senate leaders a couple of days ago about the frustration of finding a compromise on House Bill 1027.