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Day 39 - March 28, 2006

The Senate today passed its version of a House bill that would benefit African-American police officers who, some 30 years ago, were denied access to police officers retirement. Senate President Pro-Tem Eric Johnson said Representative Tyrone Brooks had been working on passage of the bill for at least six years.

Senate President Pro-Tem Eric Johnson was quick to respond to the House Speaker Glen Richardson's statement. Eric Johnson defended the Senate's right to be a full partner in budget negotiations and talked about what he termed House "arrogance."

The Senate today passed its version of a House bill that could assist in finding lost Alzheimer's patients. Senator Chip Rogers explained the Mattie's Call Act. The senate substitute to House Bill 728 passed with the Senate amendment.

The Senate today took up a House bill that would have added an additional fee on money illegal immigrants wire to their home country and turned it into a title pawn bill. Senator Bill Hamrick said it would give the House another chance to protect consumers from title lenders.

The Working Families Agenda Legislative Caucus and several
organizations representing working Georgians rallied at the front steps
of the Capitol today and addressed issues that they believe Governor Perdue and the General Assembly have not handled properly.

The House and Senate are at an impasse over the 2007 budget. The budget is the one piece of legislation that the General Assembly is required to produce each year. The 18 billion dollar bill is vital to the adjournment of the session on Thursday.

A bill providing legal protection for doctors who take part in state ordered executions has now passed the House and Senate. Senator Bill Hamrick said House Bill 57 was in response to some pending court cases. HB 57 passed 46 to one, with no changes.