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Day 38 - March 27, 2006

The House passed a resolution today that sets up a Joint Comprehensive State Trauma Services Study Committee. Lawmakers' David Zelski researched Georgia's trauma network back in 2003 and recently had a chance to talk with Senator Cecil Staton about Senate Resolution 785 and why he believes the current trauma situation must change.

The House passed a bill that changes provisions when it comes to crimes against women who are pregnant. Among other things, Senate Bill 77 changes the time during a pregnancy when the murder of a pregnant woman becomes a double homicide. Even though Representative Tom Bordeaux had problems with some of the language he, along with the rest of the house, voted in favor SB 77.

Pending approval by the Governor, Colquitt, GA will be declared Georgia's first mural city. The House today gave final passage to Senate Bill 484. Representative Gerald Greene presented the bill.

A group of local citizens organized as the Family Reclamation Movement, rallied today at the Capitol in hopes of convincing lawmakers to make state agencies accountable for fraud in child removal cases.

The Senate has agreed to the conference committee report on Senator Chip Rogers' immigration reform legislation. Senate Bill 529 addresses areas such as hiring undocumented workers, as well as human trafficking and access to public services.
The conference committee report to SB 529 removed a house amendment
that would charge undocumented residents a five percent fee on money

Legislation that would impose harsher penalties on convicted sexual offenders
only awaits the Governor's signature before it goes into effect. This
sexual predator legislation began in the House with author Majority Leader Jerry Keen. The bill passed the House by a vote of 144 to 27, and moved on to the Senate, where it was sent to the Judiciary Committee.

A measure granting grandparents additional legal powers and potential money when they are the guardians of their grandchildren stalled in the House today. Representative Sue Burmeister said Senate Bill 420
would greatly assist the 100,000 Georgia families headed by
grandparents or great grandparents. Debate arose about the cost of the