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Day 37 - March 24, 2006

The Senate passed another version of Amy's Law today. It was presented as an amendment to House Bill 1145 that changes criminal provisions for juveniles under 13 years old who commit murder. The original version awaits a vote in the House. Senator Bill Hamick explained why Amy's Law was added onto this bill.

The Senate voted to disagree to the House changes to Senator Chip Rogers' immigration reform bill today. A conference committee will be appointed. The bill would require proof of legal residence to receive social services and non-emergency medical attention. Opposing sides of this issue continue to fight.

The House approved a bill today that would let voters review their vote before casting their ballot. Senate Bill 500 received unanimous support from representatives, but must return to the Senate for final approval.

The Senate today approved sexual predator legislation that would impose harsher penalties on offenders. Senate action on House Bill 1059
started early this morning when the Senate voted to engross the bill,
which prevented any changes from being made on the floor. This action
was criticized by many senators who claimed the bill's complexity and
importance warranted a more complete review.

Legislation that enables Georgia schools to create smaller class sizes and build more classrooms, passed the Senate today. Some Democrats commented that this measure is long overdue but commended Senator Dan Moody for his work on this legislation.

The Senate passed an amended version of Governor Perdue's eminent domain legislation today. House Bill 1313
passed unanimously along with the enabling resolution which passed 52
to 2, but was only two votes away from facing a significant change.