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Day 34 - March 20, 2006

After the House Judiciary Committee scaled back many of the provisions, the House today voted to return Senate Bill 25 to the Rules Committee. The committee substitute to SB 25 extends the waiting period for divorcing parents from 30 to 120 days and requires parents of minor children to attend three hours of parenting education.

With no debate and little opposition, the House today agreed that local school systems should be able to offer courses in bible history and literature. Representative James Mills presented Senate Bill 79. The House passed the bill 151 to 7.

The Senate Appropriations Committee today passed its version of the fiscal year 2007 state budget. Committee Chairman Jack Hill said the focus remains on jobs, kids and security. And, he said his committee agrees with the House that front-line state law enforcement officers should get a 4% raise.

The Georgia Senate agrees with the House that newborn children should have additional screening tests. Senator Renee Unterman explained the Senate substitute to House Bill 1066. The bill passed and returns to the House.

The Senate voted today to go along with substantial changes to the state tax code. Senator Casey Cagle said House Bill 1310 will mean a savings to Georgia taxpayers. HB 1310 passed by a vote of 54 to zero. It goes to Governor Perdue for his signature.