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Day 32 - March 15, 2006

The Georgia Democratic Legislative Caucus held their weekly press conference today urging the Senate to pass legislation that deals with Georgia's Medicaid estate recovery program. On Monday, House democrats successfully amended House Bill 1473. This measure increases the cap on Medicaid estate recovery from homes worth $25,000 up to $100,000.

A Governor's initiative that would lower the maximum class sizes for grades K through 8 was presented to the Senate Education and Youth Committee today. Jennifer Rippner of the Governor's Policy Department explained the changes that would be made by the Truth in Class Size Act.

Today, at a joint meeting of the House and Senate Economic Development Committee, the Georgia Lottery Corporation was commended for raising over 8 billion dollars for education and other purposes.

In a meeting of the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee today, the committee reviewed Senate Bill 57
which would require any repeat offender with three felonies to serve a
life term with no chance of parole if the fourth felony was murder.

One day after Governor Sonny Perdue formally announced the arrival of a new Kia automotive plant in West Point, Georgia there was some good-natured ribbing on the House floor about the cars the plant will produce, along with memories of former House Speaker Tom Murphy who opposed the use of seatbelts in pickup trucks.

The Senate will start the day tomorrow by voting to reconsider a resolution honoring actress and activist Jane Fonda. Senator John Douglas was not fond of the Fonda resolution.