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Day 31 - March 14, 2006

A bill that would protect the right of public employees and students to say merry Christmas received a unanimous Do-Pass recommendation from the Senate State and Local Government Operations Committee. Maggie Garrett of the ACLU was also at the meeting and explained that she did not oppose the bill but would like some changes made.

Today Governor Sonny Perdue formally announced the deal to bring a Kia motors factory to West Point Georgia. The deal was finalized yesterday in Seoul, South Korea, where the auto company is based.

Cross-over day is behind us and each chamber is beginning to spend a little more time on the other's legislation. Today the Senate Committee on Finance passed out House Bill 1219 which is the extension of the sales tax holiday for school supplies.

The Senate voted today not to reconsider legislation that changes the scope of practice for chiropractors. Senate Bill 422 passed the Senate yesterday. Senators Don Thomas and Rene Unterman had opposing views on this bill.

The Senate passed a bill today that changes provisions involving homestead exemptions. Senator Eric Johnson introduced House Bill 81, which would protect the surviving spouse of the deceased. House Bill 81 passed as amended, so it now must go back to the House for their approval.