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Day 29 - March 9, 2006

The House today approved Governor Sonny Perdue's "private property protection act," intended to curtail the practice of eminent domain. House Bill 1313 requires that eminent domain proceedings be overseen by elected officials.

Also passed in a Senate today a bill making it easier for
grandparents to take legal responsibility for raising their
grandchildren. Bill sponsor Senator Renee Unterman dedicated the bill to the memory of Martha Eaves. Senate Bill 420 passed 56 to zero and goes to the House.

The Senate today passed a bill banning disruptive conduct at funerals. Senator John Douglas
said crude demonstrations at recent funerals around the country had
made such legislation necessary. Senate Bill 606 passed 55 to zero and
goes to the House.

The Senate failed to give a two-thirds majority vote to a resolution that would allow counties to vote on using more local options sales tax
revenue for school maintenance and operation. The legislation would
call for a vote to amend the state constitution to allow counties to
use SPLOST dollars to reduce property tax.

The House agreed today that individual school systems should have
the right to opt out of special local option sales taxes without
affecting the county in which they are located. Representative Jan Jones explained to Representative Roger Bruce that the measure would give city schools greater local control.