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Day 28 - March 8, 2006

Governor Sonny Purdue met with members of the State Road and Tollway Authority today. The SARTA board updated the Governor on a plan to establish a state-wide traffic monitoring system. This system would create a scoreboard for congestion on Georgia's highways.

The Senate today okayed a bill that would eliminate the requirement that police cars in Georgia display blue lights on top of the vehicle. Senator John Douglas said Senate Bill 64 also had safeguards for motorists.

The House passed legislation today that will alter the appropriations process for Georgia's revenue-sharing license plates.
There are currently seven revenue-sharing license plates in Georgia,
that is plates from which a portion of the revenue brought in goes to
specifically designated agencies, funds, or nonprofits, and today the House passed a bill adding over 20 more of these revenue sharing plates. Lawmakers' Katie Eubanks has this story.

Officers of the Georgia State Patrol met with legislators to
push a seven percent pay increase in the State's 2007 budget. The
appropriation committee's budget allows the Department of Public Safety to train 50 new officers and hire more patrol office workers. House Speaker Glenn Richardson and other legislators say this year's budget would help make up years of shortfalls.

Property owners could build within 150 feet of streams on their land under Senate Bill 510, passed by the Senate today. Senator Chip Pearson said the bill protects both water quality and property owners.