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Day 24- February 28, 2006

The House today voted to streamline the background check process for public safety job applicants. According to supporters of House Bill 513, it will save time and money for the GBI and local law enforcement agencies. HB 513 passed 161 to zero and moves to the Senate. The House also decided to align parking permit standards for disabled persons to national standards. House Bill 1217 also extends the renewal period from two to four years for disability decals.

The House today voted to extend the annual Back-to-School sales tax holiday to include energy efficient appliances. Bill sponsor, Representative Lynn Smith expects House Bill 1219
to generate over 11 million dollars in state revenue and over 8 million
for local jurisdictions. HB 1219 passed without opposition.

The Senate passed a bill today that expands a judges' maximum sentencing options when it comes to dealing with juveniles under 13 years old who commit murder. Senate Bill 522, known as Amy's law
was drafted last year in response to a 12 year-old being suspected for
the murder of an eight year-old girl named Amy Yates. Current law
allows a judge to sentence a child under 13 who steals a car to a
longer sentence than one who commits murder.

Students, parents, and legislators rallied outside the Capitol today for the Time for Schools Act which would allow parents time off from work to attend events at their children's school. Lawmakers' Katie Eubanks has this story.

Governor Sonny Perdue swore in Christopher S. Brasher to the Atlanta Circuit of the Superior Court today. Brasher brings 15 years experience as an attorney to the bench; 10 of those years in the Attorney General's office.

The House today agreed to name the House Post Office for longtime staffer Wiley T. Nixon. Before the vote, House members paid tribute to a man who had been a fixture at the Capitol for almost four decades.